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      2. Fight the Hard Battle for Stabilizing Growth: CASIC Introduced the “Five-ones” Special Measures


        On October 7, the last day of the National Day holiday when the whole country was learning the guiding principles from General Secretary Xi Jinping's speech delivered on the conference to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the Fifth Coordination Meeting of “Five-ones” Responsible Persons of CASIC was held in Beijing to implement these important guiding principles with real actions.

        Since this year, affected by complex environment both at home and abroad and other factors, CASIC which is in the critical stage of the second phase of transformation and upgrading, and secondary entrepreneurship has been facing a grim situation with internal problems occurring in a centralized way and external economy showing a downturn trend, causing huge pressure and challenge to the existence and development of the enterprise.

        Against this background, the Party Leadership Group of CASIC has held a series of meetings to set clear targets and routes, assign tasks and call on the whole company to implement them so as to ensure that the annual target can be reached.

        Turn around the situation by taking a combination of measures

        The hard battle broke out on July 31. That day, the Party Leadership Group of CASIC held a special meeting and put forward the “five-ones” measures, requiring the leading cadres to set an example by going to the workplaces at grassroots to acquire information and solve problems.

        First, conduct in-depth survey and research on one unit: The members and management cadres of the Party Leadership Group should find and analyze main problems, and put forward measures for solving them during survey and research; second, crack one “hard nut”: help relevant units to solve at least one prominent problem; third, deeply understand the operation and management of the unit and help relevant units to accomplish at least one task related to reduction of receivables and inventory; fourth, take initiative and help relevant units to sign at least one commercial contract; fifth, cater to the needs of the grassroots and help relevant units to carry out in teams one marketing campaign aimed at top management.

        Over the past two months, the Party Leadership Group of CASIC had held five special meetings in total to learn about the implementation of the “five-ones” and discuss and arrange relevant subsequent work.

        On the meetings, Gao Hongwei, Chairman of the Board and Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of CASIC pointed out that under the current harsh situation, whether the whole company is capable to handle the challenge was a test of historical importance on the Party Leadership Group and leading cadres at all levels of CASIC, and the result would not only determine the current development situation of the enterprise but also determine its future development direction. An enterprise that can rise from the ashes will definitely have more vitality, because this process requires not only painstaking efforts inside but also improved quality and capacity of the enterprise in all aspects.

        Gao Hongwei stressed that the “five-ones” measures were special measures for us to “stay true to our original aspiration, undertake the mission, change our work style, pursue development, stabilize growth and control risks” and that we should focused on promotion of industrialization through synergetic development. The synergy of the four elements including “industrial entities, comprehensive innovation, capital market and human resources”, and that of the four energy efficiency modes including “technology and tools, trade and exchange, internal control and decision-making, configuration and integration” are the basic support and guarantee for realizing industrialization.

        Go to the frontline to solve difficult problems

        To implement the “five-ones’ measures, CASIC prepared and printed a list of persons responsible for the “five-ones”, promoted establishment of the “five-ones” responsibility mechanism at all levels, realized full coverage of all affiliated legal entities by the “five-ones” responsibility mechanism, and broke down the stable growth indicators and tasks for all affiliated legal entities. Leading cadres at all levels actively contacted relevant units to help those at grassroots to overcome difficulties in development.

        During the stage when relevant work about “five-ones” began, Gao Hongwei interfaced with and supervised 21 second-level units one-on-one. Over the past two months, Gao Hongwei has conducted a survey on 11 second-level and third-level units consecutively, analyzed their basic situations based on in-depth understanding and put forward suggestions while solving actual problems. On August 7, Gao Hongwei conducted a survey on the development of core products and overall planning of the INDICS platform; stressed CASICloud should make cloud manufacturing of enterprises and equipment its priorities, further strengthen the construction of application stores and actively boost the sales of IOT equipment, servers and safe and reliable databases. On September 10, during the survey on Shenzhen Aerospace Industry Technology Research Institute, Gao Hongwei pointed out that Shenzhen Aerospace Industry Technology Research Institute should combine the following three aspects together to accomplish the annual target: combine with the education themed on “staying true to our founding mission”; combine with the “five-ones” measures for stabilizing growth; combine with the building of capabilities of the cadre teams.

        On August 13, Liu Shiquan, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of CASIC conducted a survey on China Aerospace Construction Co., Ltd. to get an in-depth understanding on the work progress and implementation of the “five-ones” measures. He pointed out that China Aerospace Construction Co., Ltd. should pay attention to market segmenting, potential tapping and capacity improving, and should make every effort to prevent risks, and carry out management and comprehensive innovation. On September 18, while conducting a survey on the Jiangsu Aerospace Daway Technologies Co., Ltd. affiliated to the Aerospace System Corporation, Liu Shiquan pointed out that Jiangsu Aerospace Daway Technologies Co., Ltd. should continue to develop new technologies and new products, strengthen coordinated development with other units of CASIC and boost further development in the intelligent transportation field.

        The leaders of the Party Leadership Group and all departments of the headquarters of CASIC conducted a centralized survey on relevant units, took the lead in winning the markets and orders at the frontline, prepared a list of problems to be solved through coordination by the headquarters of CASIC and broke down the problems one by one by keeping relevant records in detail.

        Make joint efforts and implement responsibilities

        Under the leadership of the Party Leadership Group of CASIC, all affiliated units and the headquarters of CASIC made joint efforts to further promote the implementation of the “five-ones” measures and the accomplishment of all key annual tasks, and business plans and indicators.

        The leading cadres of the Second Academy of CASIC took the lead and actively applied for tasks, tapped markets and won orders for grassroots units. To establish the “five-ones” long-term mechanism and stably promote the effects of survey at grassroots, the Second Academy prepared the first List of Problems to Be Solved Through Coordination by the Second Academy to specify the leaders and departments responsible for organization and coordination, help the grassroots units to solve problems through coordination and achieve real effects by promoting the implementation of the “five-ones” measures.

        The Party Committee of the Third Academy dispatched and coordinated all policies and resources in the first place and made joint efforts with relevant units to ensure accomplishment of management tasks. Solid work was carried out centering on the implementation the “five-ones” measures to expand the market, reduce receivables and inventory, prevent risks and overcome difficulties. The mechanism for work promotion from four aspects was established and the implementation of the “five-ones” measures was checked twice a week. The leading cadres, according to their external work arrangement, took every opportunity to visit the senior management and introduce to them relevant projects, thus promoting initiation of such projects.

        China Space Sanjiang Group Corporation (CSSG) has organized completion of survey on 36 units at all levels and identified a total of 125 problems of all kinds including 54 problems identified by the leadership team members. By the end of September, 28 problems had been due to be solved, 31 had actually been solved and 3 had been solved ahead of schedule. In the fourth quarter, CSSG allocated resources based on the principle of “three priorities”, i.e. giving priority to accomplishment of annual tasks; giving priority to winning bids and giving priority to industrialization of key fields to ensure tangible results can be achieved in the implementation of the “five-ones” measures.

        Members of the Party Committee and leadership team of the Sixth Academy conducted an in-depth survey on prominent problems of all units, finalized a list of one-on-one responsible persons and broke down the indicators level by level for all units according to their characteristics. Currently all cadres and staff of the Academy are focusing on overcoming the difficulties and weaknesses and making every effort to win the hard battle and ensure accomplishment of all tasks as specified in the liability statements and the like.

        Members of the leadership team of Aerospace Jiangnan Group Co., Ltd. went to Henan Aerospace Industry General Corporation, China Aerospace Construction Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Automobile Holding Group Co., Ltd., AVIC Guizhou Aircraft Co., Ltd. and Department of Industry and Information Technology of Guizhou Province for marketing aimed at top management to actively expand the market. Members of the leadership team also conducted a survey on 23 units, collected opinions and suggestions, prepared a list of problems to be rectified immediately, introduced key measures for promoting high-quality development and supervised response to the requests from the grassroots. (Written by Liu Yan & Zhao Cong)

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