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      2. Famous German Scholars Attended CASIC Lecture, Telling about the Development of Industry 4.0


        At the CASIC lecture held in the conference room of CASIC's headquarters building, the Industry 4.0 intelligent factory in Germany was showed on the large screen to all present through remote digital network.

        On September 16, the 36th CASIC Lecture was held at the headquarters of CASIC. Reiner Anderl, Professor of Darmstadt University of Technology in Germany, Chairman of the Industry 4.0 Science Advisory Board of the German Government, President of the Academy of Science and Literature and Academician of the German Academy of Science and Engineering, and his team gave special lectures themed on "the development of industrial Internet and Industry 4.0". The purpose of the lecture is to enhance the understanding of the world's cutting-edge technologies and development trends in the field of intelligent manufacturing, and to help CASIC realize transformation, upgrading and leapfrog development.

        The lecture was attended by Xu Qiang, Deputy Secretary of Party Leadership Group of CASIC, Wei Yiyin, Deputy General Manager and Member of the Party Leadership Group, relevant leaders of the GM-assistant level, personnel from all departments of CASIC and some units in Beijing, as well as representatives of the "1+10+N" intelligent transformation, industrialization and collaboratization team of CASIC on site and by more than 1,700 people from the affiliates of CASIC via video at another 20 venues. Wei Yiyin presided over the lecture.

        "Only a new business model can bring new innovations, new prospects and new roads to an enterprise." In Reiner Anderl's opinion, the German Industry 4.0 is a revolution to enhance the product lifetime value chain in the context of the fourth industrial revolution. In the three-hour lecture, Reiner Anderl and his team made authoritative and profound interpretations on the core essence, outline implementation and platform construction of the Industry 4.0 Strategy, and demonstrated rich cases.

        After the lecture, Reiner Anderl had an interactive exchange with the employees of CASIC. Xu Qiang granted corresponding certificates to the four guest speakers.

        In recent years, in the context of Industry 4.0, intelligent manufacturing and deep cooperation between China and Germany, CASIC has actively adapted to the new normal of economic development, actively devoted itself to the fields like industrial Internet, cloud manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing, and carried out in-depth cooperation with Darmstadt University of Technology.

        The Smart Cloud Manufacturing Service Research and Demonstration Project, jointly led and applied by CASICloud and Darmstadt University of Technology, was listed as one of the key special projects of cooperation between the Chinese and German governments in scientific and technological innovation. According to relevant information, both sides have carried out practical and fruitful work and made significant phased achievements through the project cooperation. Meanwhile, both parties had jointly completed project reporting at the Second Conference on Sino-German Networked Cooperation in Intelligent Manufacturing and Production Processes in November 2018, jointly published the research results to be completed by the project, and established a good mechanism of exchange, visit and regular communication.

        Before the lecture, Wei Yiyin met with Reiner Anderl and his team. Both sides had in-depth exchanges on cooperation projects and reached a consensus on the subsequent joint application of China-German joint scientific and technological innovation projects to promote deeper and more focused cooperation in platform products and services. (Written by Zhao Cong Photo by Wang Sai)

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